Whangarei Real Estate Locations

Real Estate Locations

The location of your Whangarei property can determine the worth of your property at re-sell. However more importantly you need to choose a location that suits your budget, access to amenities, and lifestyle. Wherever you buy in Whangarei, there’s huge potential for great returns when it comes to having a highly desirable location.

We offer no-obligation free property appraisal, so you’ll know how much your property is worth in the current market. We have partnered with the most trusted real estate agent Louise Payne. She gives reliable advice on property valuations anywhere in Whangarei. Louise Payne has over 15+ years experience in Northland real estate with her practical approach to home appraisals, and selling of properties.

Arrange an Appraisal Visit

No matter what the situation, Real estate Whangarei can help you establish the value of your property and even give you some excellent advice about your initial appraisal 

The advantage of booking your appraisal through Real Estate Whangarei is that you’ll receive an added $500 worth of marketing support across all social media platforms, or a cash back option upon completion. Simply let Louise know on sign up. 

When you call us for your free no obligation appraisal, you have the choice of in-person visit for your home valuation or you may also opt for an online valuation where we can discuss matters virtually.  Whatever you choose, we’re here for you for your accurate and competent home market appraisal. The important thing here is you receive the information you need to maximise your next step.

Need a property appraisal?

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Curious about how much your home is worth? Get a hassle-free property appraisal. No Catch. NObligation. Our partner, Louise Payne, can even do a completely desk based appraisal if you prefer!