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Listen to the whistle of the kiwi in Whau Valley. On a moonless night, the kiwi stirs from his burrow and calls out to his partner. Get away from the city, go into the beautiful native Pukenui forest. This forest is the ‘Lungs of the City.’ Many of its areas has high conservation value. The forest is home to a number of threatened species. One of them is the national icon of New Zealand, the kiwi.

The kiwi is a descendant of a ‘proto-kiwi’ that lived 50 million years ago. Their eggs are so big, it takes days for the egg to exit the mother’s body.
These ancient, flightless nocturnal birds are a wonder. But kiwi chicks and adults are eaten by pet dogs and cats, preyed upon by stoats, possums and rats. At night, the kiwi are also hit by cars.

New Zealanders have grasped the gravity of the situation and are taking steps in their everyday life. More people are locking their pets indoors at night.
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