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When it comes to selling your Whangarei Property, knowing the value of your home is critical in helping you ensure you make the right decision for your circumstances. 

When you work with Real Estate Whangarei, and our leading local real estate partners, the goal is to sell, and not just settle. We work with agents who are dedicated, focused and providing the best service within the Whangarei area.

Book through Whangarei Real Estate, and use our preferred agent partners and you will be able to not just sell your home, but secure exclusive discounts on your home selling costs due to our exclusive agreements.

Our Partner Whangarei Real Estate Services

Sell at the Right price

When your “For Sale” sign goes up, you can trust that the crucial appraisal is accurate and its the start of the hard work for our Real Estate Agent Partner, Louise Payne. With the Whangarei housing market so volatile we can set the best selling strategy for your needs.

Schedule a Property Valuation

Need a friendly, honest Real Estate approach? Louise Payne, our Real Estate Agent Partner can give you an honest independent property valuation. Our local property partner will give you an honest valuation - treat you with the upmost respect and ensure NO hard sales is undertaken. This is why we work with Louise Payne - Whangarei's leading real estate agent.

Receive Outstanding Marketing Support

From the moment you contact our real estate agent partner (you deal directly with them - just let them know where you heard about their service). they will provide the best marketing leading real estate service within the Whangarei Region.
They will:
Undertake an honest market appraisal based on facts
NEVER undertake a hard sell
Provide an exclusive 'Real Estate Whangarei' property discount on your selling fees (upon completion)
Continually keep you informed throughout the process
Seek to ensure you secure top dollar for your home

Support every step of the selling process

Louise Payne, - Whangarei's Leading Real Estate agent will support your selling process.
We proudly partner with Louise because of her commitment to her clients. From the first time she meets a client, she works to deliver the best outcome. When undertaking a viewings, every enquirer is followed up, even question answered and most importantly everyone treated with unrivalled and unparalleled support.

WHANGAREI Real Estate Locations (we cover)

Location. Location. Location. The location of your new home dictates everything from its desirability to the services available locally.  Similarly when selling having an agent who knows the strength of your location and can upsell the desirability of your home to sell you top dollar is vitally important. 

What we do offer is free appraisal of your property coupled with competitive marketing support. Here at Real Estate Whangarei we work with top Whangarei agent, Louise Payne. Louise is a well-known real estate agent and appraiser with years of experience under her belt. Through her specialised service, secure top value for your home. 

We believe we shouldn’t stand in the way of you dealing with your agent. When you contact Louise (all enquiries go directly to her!) let her know where you heard about her unrivalled service – and you will receive an exclusive Whangarei Real Estate secured discount. Its as simple as that.


It's, Friday! Here's the latest.

We have the latest real estate articles and information on Whangarei to help you navigate your concerns on home appraisals and local Whangarei news. 

Know more about Property Appraisals in Whangarei

We take our time to understand your needs, so we’ll get to know what exactly you’re looking for. 

A home appraisal is a professional objective estimate of what your property is worth in the current market. This level of property valuation is essential for all kinds of real estate transactions. 

An appraisal isn’t dependent entirely on the cleanliness of your home, but it would help if your home looks tidy, immaculate and market-ready. 

We do what it takes to get you the best results, which is, getting a better deal on your property.

Have Questions?

We’re looking forward to hear from you. Get a Whangarei real estate valuation done. Please feel free to get in touch via the form below or better yet give us a call! 

Book through us at Real Estate Whangarei and you’ll get an additional $500 worth of marketing support across social media platforms. Or a guaranteed cash back on completion – and that’s an amazing deal!  

Trusted Real Estate professional – however through booking through Real Estate Whangarei you’ll in additional get $500 value of marketing support across social media (or cashback on completion). 

Need a property appraisal?

GET A FREE Property appraisal NOW!

Curious about how much your home is worth? Get a hassle-free property appraisal. No Catch. NObligation. Our partner, Louise Payne, can even do a completely desk based appraisal if you prefer!