Why make a real estate property investment in Whangarei?

Why is Whangarei a good place for real estate? Not only is Whangarei peaceful, beautiful, and economically prosperous, it currently serves as a gateway for domestic and international markets. It is considered New Zealand’s hub of the Northland region because of its strategic location. 

Although the pandemic has negatively affected tourism, Whangarei real estate is still the perfect choice in New Zealand for a home to buy for the long term, be it a family home or townhouse.  

With a total land area of 2,855 square km and a population density of approximately 87,700, Whangarei’s strategic location makes it the perfect place to live in. So much for achieving career opportunities, right? Moreover, this city enjoys sunny weather throughout the year in comparison to other locations with a sub-tropical climate. Whangarei’s diverse economy allows people to enjoy farming, horticulture, and forestry, aside from the tourism activities it offers. Looking for organic, locally grown produce? An abundance of locally grown crops is often available at the Whangarei Growers Market. 

Known as a perfect place for adventure and relaxation, Whangarei has everything that one needs. With its flat and compact land, everywhere is within walking distance — from museums to restaurants, cafes, bars and watering holes. The daily commute in Whangarei is not as stressful as other busy cities, especially neighbouring Auckland. 

Among the city’s pride and most attractive tourist spots is Whangarei Falls which is surrounded by evergreen forests that is awe-inspiring in its beauty.  The lush marina park by the Hatea River is similarly a great location for outings, family get-togethers or a place to unwind. It features restaurants, galleries and commercial centres   Aside from that, the park also just a short drive from a war memorial cenotaph and hillside gardens. 

Getting a property in Whangarei is a wise decision as it offers low density and mostly detached housing, which allows one to acquire homes with private outdoor space. Given that some of New Zealand’s international infrastructures are located here will make any real estate property a high value investment in the years to come. 

Among the infrastructures for Whangarei properties are: 

Deepwater Port 

Situated at Marsden Point, this 180-hectare deepwater commercial port is a multi-purpose port that welcomes the majority of New Zealand’s international markets. 

Oil Refinery 

Refining NZ, the country’s only oil refinery, is also situated at Marsden Point adjacent to Northpoint Deepwater. Refining NZ is considered one of Asia Pacific’s most reliable and safest refineries. 

Ultra-Fast Broadband 

Across Whangarei City, Ultra-fast broadband has been deployed to provide fibre optic and a fast internet connection to its residents. With this, you’ll stay connected to the world in such a small yet fantastic city. 

The pandemic may have canceled many plans and brought significant economic trouble, but with dire circumstances come great opportunities, and now is the perfect time to buy Real Estate in Whangarei New Zealand is a great country to do business in as it is reported to be the least corrupt. NZ also ranks 3rd in economic freedom and 2nd on the Global Peace index. With such a desirable location, Whangarei is the perfect place to invest in NZ property. 

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