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Curious about how much your home is worth? Get a hassle-free property appraisal. No Catch. NObligation. Our partner, Louise Payne from Professionals Real Estate, can even do a completely desk-based appraisal if you prefer! 



What is my Whangarei Home worth?

Market Conditions

An analysis of the market conditions, average days to sell, marketing methods and how to best market your home.

Property Assessment

We will value your home, and discuss how it compares with local sales in your neighbourhood and community.

Advice on achieving the best value possible

If you wish, we can share advise on achieving top dollar. However we don’t go in for heavy-handed sales.

Marketing opportunities and 'why Louise Payne'

We outline the marketing possibilities, packages and what is included in the commission rate. 

REady to see how much your home is worth?

3 simple steps to appraise your home

Wondering what happens next? Unsure of the steps undertaken? Here are the three simple steps to obtain your free Whangarei Property Appraisal from Louise Payne. 100% no obligation. 100% no hard sell. 100% local committed service.


Complete the form

Simply complete the form and share some basic details about your home.



Louise will reach out and determine the best time to do an appraisal in person (or desk-based).



You will be provided with a thorough property appraisal.


It can be a pain choising a real estate agent.

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Louise has sold hundreds of properties, but more importantly her clients return when it comes to moving up the property ladder as their needs dictate.

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Years experience selling homes, lifestyle blocks and real estate.

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worth of property sold, during her time as a real estate agent.


Louise made the sale of our house and subsequent move effortless for us. We were very impressed with how everything ran like clockwork and she kept us informed every step of the way. We would definitely recommend Louise for any real estate transactions. 


From enquiry to SOLD

With you every step

By working with Louise Payne, you’ll benefit from in-depth, comprehensive knowledge of your local market from a truly local agent. Don’t settle for a faceless agency and being a statistic.

Louise can help you choose your method of sale – from auction, private treaty or tender, Louise will be the agent to entrust.

Honesty - Integrity - transparency

Why Choose Louise

All agents profess to the same standards, Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. But others can leave a sour taste in your mouth. We challenge you to get an appraisal from Louise and not fall for her total pragmatic honesty. She understands the value of a home – as more than an asset and sells it in that way.

Its Good to know more


Choosing a partner to sell your home, isn’t an easy decision and we appreciate being considered as your real estate partner.

We answer some of the most popular questions below.

The old adage of location location location will always remain true but other factors such as condition of the property, upkeep of chattels and general appearance also play a part. Is the property dated? We take all these factors into account, when determining the value of your home.

We understand safety is important. All details shared in the forms are solely used to provide a property appraisal or contact yourselves to arrange an in personal appraisal. All safety measures will be adhered too and if you wish Louise to wear a mask, simply say!

We understand not everyone wants an in-person property appraisal. We can undertake this over facebook video call, zoom, skype, WhatsApp or similar. However we undertake the appraisal, you are in control.

Louise Payne will discuss with you the various marketing opportunities and how your home can best be advertised. Rest assured it will include all the main digital platforms you would expect.

Louise will discuss with you about the various methods of sale and how each works, the merits of each and understand what you wish to achieve. Do you want cash only buyers? Do you need a quick house sale? Are you happy to go a little slower but widen the pool of buyers? Louise determines your needs and recommends the best solution for you.

A property valuation is used by banks and other lenders to determine the ‘book value’ of your home. An Appraisal is one indicating what your home in the current market is worth. At the end of the day when buyers are looking for a home, they will be far more emotive in their decision than a bank and so its Louise’s job to help you create that emotional attachment to help achieve top dollar.

READY to see what your home is worth?

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We’d love to tell you more about our home appraisal services, powered by Louise Payne. Have a stress-free and accurate home valuation from a leading Whangarei Real Estate agent using specialised data-driven approached coupled with 15 years of market knowledge. Be market ready when you need to be.

Whangarei Real Estate acts on commission to Louise Payne, and will pass on your details to Louise Payne or other agents so a property appraisal can be undertaken. This website is for information purposes only, and no agreement is entered between Whangarei Real Estate and any potential vendor.

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Need a property appraisal?

GET A FREE Property appraisal NOW!

Curious about how much your home is worth? Get a hassle-free property appraisal. No Catch. NObligation. Our partner, Louise Payne, can even do a completely desk based appraisal if you prefer!